Monday, 22 August 2016

Is This Some Form of Identity Crisis?!

There have been different instances of Nigerians living abroad saying such horrible things about Nigeria. We must understand that when the media reports certain things, they are blown out of proportion. Everything makes the country seem unappealing in every sense of the word to return to. However, bear in mind that with the media, no news is good news!

In the light of this, a friend and I were chatting and we were talking about some of the crisis that are ongoing in certain parts of Africa. We ended up having a lengthy chat about the crisis in Central African Republic, at a point she wrote AFRICA! I asked what about Africa, then asked her simply if the United States where she currently lives in is any different. I asked her if people were not being killed in broad daylight with not much being done about it. I asked her if she had had to go through the painful speech with her sons of how to behave and how not to behave in public. I asked if she had warned them not to wear hoodies, if every day she didn’t live in fear with the hope that nothing would happen to her children. I also asked if the many threats, some that are not even reported are not terrifying enough in the U.S. I am not in any way saying that one conflict/any form of killing is better than the other, but I do not understand why there is the need to ignore the problems that exist in front of us, while we are so quick to point at other people’s? Note in this case, that every person apart from her nuclear family lives in Nigeria. She was born and raised in Nigeria but relocated with her family to the U.S. about four years ago, then all of a sudden, the very place that raised her and accounts for most of who/what she is, is now talked about with disdain. We ended the conversation with her writing, “abi ooo nobody is safe anywhere”.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Minced meat mix

I was shown how to make this dish and I found it delish! I will definitely prepare it again.

1) Leek
2) Basil
3) Celery
4) Green bell peppers
5) Parsley
6) Onions
7) Garlic
8) Tomatoes
9) Eggs (I used 2)
10) Ginger
11) Minced meat
12) Seasoning cubes
13) Salt
14) Carrots
15) Green beans
16) Potatoes
17) Tomatoes
18) Mustard
19) Black pepper
20) Lemon juice
I know this is a long list but it will be worth it... The amount of ingredients you use will depend on how many you are cooking for.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

I went to church

Whenever I move to a new place, at some point I tend to look for a place of worship. These days that should not be so hard as there are churches at almost every corner. Well, it takes me time to settle in a church as I do not necessarily agree with every practice. I have to feel comfortable to some extent with what happens there and the church should be able to respond to my need for a church. Otherwise, no thanks.
I think I have spotted about five churches around the area I live, I spotted a Baptist church and decided to go there because from my knowledge of Baptist churches, they are somewhat conservative, which is my preference. A mix of everything is not bad but shouting gets to me. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Salad mix

I have not been consistent with the food section of this blog, for that I apologise.

I saw a photo of one of Chrissy Teigen’s dishes and it was one I knew I would definitely like to try. I cannot give any references to the recipe for it because all I saw was a photo. I looked at the ingredients and I would say it’s a dish for any day, it is super easy.

The quantity of ingredients you use will depend on how many people the dish will be prepared for. I made this for one, so didn’t need much. At the end, it could serve two. Slight modifications to the photo I saw though. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

From One Place to Another

I woke up in a confused state, I was panicking, but my panic lasted for probably two minutes. I had no recollection of where I was, so I lay still, trying to remember. This is the fourth bed I have slept in in seven days…

I have been working in Eastern Cameroon since the end of June. There are a few border towns that have seen an influx of people from Central African Republic due to the conflicts that have been ongoing. Not to mention the other parts of the country that share borders with other countries dealing with various conflicts! There is a full blown humanitarian crisis and there are needs at different levels that have to be met.
During my last field trip, we drove into a place and I was unsure of what it was. It looked like a residence, but I figured that the owner might have built more rooms, then opened it to the public. The rooms were so small, then I opened the door that led to the bathroom. The bathroom was narrow, I would probably not be able to stretch my hands out if I stood in there. We asked for the toilets and were led outside, the lady pointed at two structures, shared toilets. I walked back to the car and waited for my colleagues to finish deliberating then I asked if there was another place. 
We got to the only other place in the village but the set up was not so different. Only this time, there was a toilet in the middle of the bathroom! My colleague must have felt sorry for me because he kept asking if I was okay. I assured him that I was, it was absolutely no fault of his that these places were the way they were. If I had ever called any hotel where we stayed before basic, this, I had no idea what classification to give.

Monday, 18 July 2016

The little flicker...

She finds it silly but her heart skips a beat each time she sees him walk through the door. 

Each time they sit to talk, they go on and on. They get on so well that she could swear that they knew each other before their meeting. They tease each other and share hearty laughter. They carry out tasks with such synchronisation, they don’t even have to think about it because it comes to them naturally.
The first time he made her chase him because he withheld information, she knew she would like this to happen with "the one". She loves to play and that’s a part she would not be willing to give up. She loves that about him.

Each time they went out, they were referred to as a couple based on assumptions. She sees the gentleness in his eyes, she sees a glint of fire when he looks at her. However, she noticed that he always avoided holding her gaze. On that day when their eyes locked, his words were “wow, you are beautiful”. The words came out before he could catch them.
It's obvious he cares and it seems like he would want more. That is a mutual feeling but for the circumstances they find themselves in, they both have to be adults. They both are not ready to take the plunge so they prefer to keep the friendship and not make an awkward situation of things. 

She hasn’t been oblivious of the times he has intentionally brushed her arm or other parts of her body, those brushes always make her heart quicken.
She looks up from her note pad and catches him staring and smiles at him. She sees him staring quite often from the corner of her eye but she tries to avoid staring back so they don’t get uncomfortable.

But it progresses in stages…from a brush, to a light touch, to hoping to be held and then it sits in her gut like a lump, too painful to swallow. But she is too proud to say anything. She is more old school and still believes that the best she would do is give the green light but he would have to make the move. 

She waits, impatiently, painfully, with such longing, it is hard. She is trying to think with her head and not her heart, and senses that he is equally doing the same.

Then she realises that this is nothing but a fantasy, one of the many pictures of a relationship that she has built over time in her wandering and very active mind, just a fraction of her wild imagination.

Thursday, 14 July 2016


What do you do when every principle you ever stood for gets tested?

How do you react when lies, deceit and obscenities get juxtaposed as your new truth?

How do you defend the very thing that once was all you ever held onto as your belief?

How do you set up new values to substitute for what your very character was built on?

What explanation can be given for the fact that all the efforts, all the hard work seem to pass right through your fingers with no reward?

How do you face the world with your new findings about life?

How do you face the world after all the strength you ever had has come out of you from the tears that have ceased to stop flowing?

How do you explain the pain that sits in your gut and never seems to go away from the loss?

How do you explain the fact that peace and contentment seem to elude you?

Why do people tend to take good people for granted? Or why do the good ones die first?

How do you explain that sometimes love just won't be reciprocated?

Where is the world headed to with all the horror we see, hear about and live in?
How do you explain that all the trials and tests are meant to make one a stronger person as the say?

How can you explain that life comes with no manual but each person has to stumble, fall then find his/her way?

Friday, 8 July 2016

Her beautiful secret

He reappeared in her life just out of nowhere, the same way his calls came every now and then. They used to be class mates. He proposed that they meet up for lunch. While they waited for the meal, they talked of times past and filled each other in on what their lives had become; it was great to catch up. Their food was finally served and he began to stare at her in such an odd way that it made her uncomfortable and she started to spill her food. She couldn’t take it anymore so she stopped eating and stared right back at him, intensely. Then they both burst out laughing. ‘What?!’ she finally asked. He confessed then that he had always admired her but she always seemed out of his reach. She asked what changed and he teased himself saying that he only just became man enough.